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The Auto Recruiting Platform; Quicklister™ “a Business in a Box”!

What Is The Auto Recruiting Platform?

The Auto Recruiting Platform is a marketing funnel centered around some great software Auto Recruiting Platformcalled Quicklister. Quicklister™ allows the users to communicate with their leads much in the same manner as autoresponders like GVO, Aweber, and Getresponse except the Auto Recruiting Platform  uses SMS or text messages.  At times it is difficult to communicate with your leads and affiliates when you’re away from the office, Quicklister™ solves that with its cell phone technology.

Why You Need This Service?

If you where asked if you could make a better hamburger than any of the fast food chains in business today, your answer would most likely be yes.

And if this is the case, then why aren’t you already rich?

Well, for most the answer always comes down to inefficient marketing and sales systems.

In a very competitive marketing place having good products and quality services are just not enough.

Without the proper marketing mechanisms and sales funnels in place, starting and running a business can be very expensive.

This is where the Auto Recruiting Platform comes in. It takes your great product or service and turns your company into a marketing powerhouse without the hassle of having to figure out and implement the marketing practices that really work.

The Auto Prospecting Platform in a nutshell may be the missing Tool for your business and a system Quicklisteryou NEED to add to your toolbox. It connects you directly to the tools, resources, strategies and autopilot system you need to relax a bit and relieve some stress so you can cut the ties to your computer or office!

Get started today with one of our packages that fits your business needs today.

Click Here To Join The Auto Recruiting Platform

Note: *Once You’re inside you will be offered a fantastic package as a “Beta Test Special” (More System at a Substantial Savings)

Sales Process:

Step 1: First you’ll watch an introduction video by the system owner and are then prompted to enter your email address and phone number in return for a 4-digit code sent via SMS to your phone. Once you receive the code by text message, you enter into the next part of the funnel.

Step 2:  Then you will watch another quick video on the system and will sent to an application to form to fill out. This gathers information about you and your qualities to insure the system is a good fit.

Step 3: Your application is then “reviewed” and you will receive an email or text confirmation. Then you are sent to watch an official presentation of the system.

Step 4: System purchase

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Michael Gale

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Karin says:

    Marketing system platforms are super useful to any business owner and can really cut down on the technical side of marketing. It’s great that you have found one that works well for you! Thanks for sharing.


    • Michael Gale says:

      Thank you Karin for your comment. This platform will assist entrepreneurs keep track of leads and Reps and be a time saver. When you can send 1 SMS to your entire team at once…”Awesome”

      • Elena says:

        Posted on Don’t just rely on facebook, there are many polupar social platform out there that can also help you build brand to your business. And also its not the facebook that gives branding but the way how you manage this type of marketing campaign. Thanks for the article.

  2. I recently incorporated the Auto Recruiting Platform into my business. A must have tool for online and traditional businesses as well. Great post Michael!


  3. Ron says:

    Thanks for the information Michael. I agree with Karin, every business needs a marketing system.

    • Michael Gale says:

      Thanks Ron, I have steered clear of smartphone technology,thinking apps and doodads on phones were for keeping grand-kids occupied… But I admit I have to get out of my caveman mentality and use what is available in my business…

  4. Zourkas says:

    Hi Michael,

    This platform is really interesting cause you have flexibility with your business if I understood well! The fact that you can communicate with your leads outside of your office is a big deal!

    Thank you,

    • Michael Gale says:

      Zourkas, it is a great thing when a lead pops up on the screen and being able to communicate instantly is amazing!

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  6. 5kLIZS says:

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